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Art & Design and Design & Technology

At St John's, we encourage children to explore their creative talents in everything they do, through regular links with the local community and artists, competitions, and school-based art and design projects. Pupils are given the opportunity to work with traditional and new media, to engage with and explore visual, tangible and additional sensory practices and learn ways in which to convey their own ideas and meanings. Throughout their time at St John's they will learn about local, national and international artists, designers, architects and craftmakers from the past as well as the modern day. 

In Art & Design, pupils develop their knowledge and skills across the school in the following areas of making: collage/textiles, drawing, painting, sculpture, printing and digital media. Within the EYFS, the youngest children in our school are immersed in a creative environment and encouraged to explore their creativity, develop curiosity and take risks in trying out their own ideas. This forms a firm foundation for children to continue building on these skills in KS1 and KS2.

In Design & Technology, pupils develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products with a clear purpose.  Skills from Mathematics, Science, Computing and Art are used in addition to the Design and Technology skills being acquired and developed.

Through Art & Design and Design & Technology we aim to promote individuality, curiosity, imagination and confidence.  Where possible, we encourage the teaching of cross-curricular Art & Design and Design & Technology to make learning meaningful, exciting and challenging for all pupils.