Sensory Circuits

A child will have an initial screening by our Occupational therapist Barbara. This will provide the school with a thorough and comprehensive report from which we take the child's measurable targets.

Sensory circuits is run by Miss Baker and a teaching assistant and aims to develop appropriate responses to sensation in an active, meaningful and fun way so that the child behaves in a more functional manner. This will generalise across home, school and social settings.

First, they provide vestibular stimulation preparing the brain for availability for learning. Activities include: jumping on the trampette, bouncing on the bouncy hopper, skipping and jumping jacks. Another section includes activities for multi-sensory processing and balance. The child needs to organise their body, plan their approach and do more than one thing at a time in a sequential order. This can include balancing, remembering a number and hand, repeating a sentence, then throwing a ball to knock over a numbered skittle.

A circuit takes around fifteen minutes.