At St John’s we recognise the importance of science as a core curriculum subject. But we also know that it is much more!

Science is inspiring, fascinating, encourages curiosity and develops a range of key skills. A great scientist needs to be a keen observer, able to ask questions and plan how to find the answer, precise with measuring, able to analyse results and clearly explain findings! We deliver science in an engaging and practical way to capture the children’s excitement. We utilise science content and key skills across our wider curriculum.

Early Years & Reception

The children cover science by developing their understanding of the world. The children explore everything around them including nature, man-made objects, technology, their homes and local environment.

Key Stage 1

The children follow the Kent Scheme on a 2 year rolling cycle. The coverage is as follows:

Topics (may be covered in a different order)

Year A
Seasonal Change, Animals, Materials and Plants.

Year B
Animals including humans, Living things & their habitats, Plants & how they grow and Uses of Everyday Materials.

Key Stage 2

The children follow the Empiribox Scheme on a 4 year rolling cycle. The coverage is as follows:


Year A - Chemical Change (Chemistry) - Human Health & Fitness (Biology)
- Energy & Sound (Physics)

Year B
- Environment, Ecology & Evolution (Biology)
- Electricity (Physics) - Geology, Mixtures & Separation (Chemistry)

Year C
- Light (Physics)
- Water, Acids & Alkalis (Chemistry)
- Human Body & Senses (Biology)

Year D
- Forces & Magnets (Physics)
- The Particle Theory (Chemistry)
- Plants & Photosynthesis (Biology)