Restorative Approaches at St Johns

What is the Restorative Approach?

The Restorative Approach is a method that helps children to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to build, maintain and repair community relationships. They offer an alternative to the punitive systems and sanctions found in many schools to manage behaviour.

Restorative approach is not a ‘soft’ option as young people are obliged to be accountable and responsible for their actions and, likewise, to learn from their behaviour and to change. St John's believe in its power to create a more harmonious learning environment with improved behaviour and learning outcomes for pupils in all Key Stages. We have posters around the school to encourage children to use the restorative approach method independently and this has impacted hugely on reducing the number of behaviour incidents across the school.

All classrooms display the restorative approach poster so that is it part of everyday life at St John's.

Positive outcomes

  • Improved learning environment.
  • Reduced fixed-term exclusions.
  • Less conflict between pupils and between pupils and staff.
  • Reduced reliance on detentions and other more punitive sanctions.
  • Reduced incidences that require positive handling.