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On this page you will find video instructions for how to access and use Google Classroom, Frequently Asked Questions, and our Policy and Information for Parents documents.

Instruction video for using Google Classroom on a mobile device

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FAQs - Google Classroom

Q. School has supplied me with an iPad for my child to use. I am struggling to set it up. Please can you help?

A. Enter in the passcode - 000000 and click on the Google Classroom app. Put your child’s email address in (this was emailed to you in January) and their password.

Q. I am in Google Classroom. What happens if I click on Stream?

A. Stream is similar to newsfeed on Facebook. This is where you will find notifications and updates from your child’s teacher.

Q. I am in Google Classroom. What happens if I click on Classwork?

A. This is where you will find your child’s work for the day. Look at today’s date, click on the different subjects, e.g. English, Guided Reading and then click on the slides/videos available. Your child should complete the work.

Q. How do I hand the work in to be marked?

A. On Google Classrooms this is called ‘turned in’. Once a piece of work has been completed you can submit this using the 'turn in' button on the document worked on. You can also turn in work that involves watching a video/attachments by clicking on the assignment, clicking ‘view assignment’, and clicking ‘turn in’ on the right hand side. The teacher will see that this work has now been submitted. You can also attach photos of the work completed.

Q. I am not a teacher and I am struggling to get my children to concentrate on their work or to listen to me. Can you offer any advice?

A. Set up a daily routine for your household with bedtimes and getting up times as part of that. Break the day into small chunks and have times when work needs to be done and timetable in some time for going for a walk/ getting outside/ taking a break away from screens.

Q. My child does not have access to a device in the morning as it is being used by another child in the house, so they are unable to join the live registration session. Is this a problem?

A. It is useful for the children to attend the live meets as this is when they will see their teacher and be able to discuss the day’s work. However, it is more important that they complete the work set for them to keep up with their learning.

Q. I do not understand the work set for my children and am confused by some of the tasks. I don’t feel confident in being able to help. Can you offer any support?

A. Watch the videos on Google Classroom with your child and study any slides or other resources together. If you are still unsure of what is expected of your child please email the class teacher.