Religious Education at St John's is fun, creative and interactive. Following the Kent Agreed Syllabus and guidance from the Diocese of Canterbury and Rochester, we look into all of the main world religions and explore their key beliefs, how they worship and how they live their lives. We ask big questions, explore our own opinions and question those around us and learn how our own beliefs influence us. We also enjoy exploring our learning in creative ways using artefacts, food, trips and visitors to help us understand the diversity of the world around us. Learning to discuss our own beliefs is a key part of RE here and we value everyone's opinions and encourage the children to develop their own spirituality. Here at St John's we learn to respectfully disagree with one another enabling us to develop into accepting and positive citizens of the future.

Our RE policy can be found here.

The overview of what we learn in RE can be found here.

If you need any further information about RE or wish to discuss the syllabus we cover, please make an appointment to speak to the leader of RE.