Here at St John's, we spend 10 minutes a day in class doing 'talk time'. This is a hugely important part of our day where we sit down and practise the art of conversation. We discuss everything and anything from what we did at the weekend, to current affairs, the values of our school and country, to our personal opinions on topical themes. Our children and staff value these times to talk to one another, share healthy snacks and learn how to interact positively and effectively.

Within PSHE, we use resources from Go Givers to further our learning in a range of areas; water wastage, British Values, bullying, being safe online, caring for the marginalised, and social action opportunities. These help us to apply our ideas and discuss how our actions affect our future and the futures of those around us. We also look at areas of individual, local and global responsibility and how we can be the best version of ourselves.