Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Pupils at St John's strive to work to the best of their ability and to produce work of which they and their teachers are proud. They are encouraged to read through their work and share it with their peers for assessment and suggestions for improvement. This is done in a positive, sharing way with children learning from each other and sharing best practice. They are proud of their achievements and much of their work is on display around the school: in classrooms, corridors and in the case of larger pieces of art work in our school library. The children enjoy looking at these and telling others about how the work was produced.

Pupils understand how their education equips them with the behaviours and attitudes necessary for success in their next stage of education, training or employment and for their adult life: Children are encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards behaviour, attendance and appearance in preparation for their working life ahead. We maintain a strict policy on school uniform with children being reminded and encouraged to wear correct uniform at all times and to take a pride in their appearance.

We also adopt a firm policy on attendance with children being encouraged to attend school on time, every day as they will need to once they have moved on from primary school to secondary, and later in life as they maybe enter further and higher education and ultimately the world of work. Our attendance team is very thorough in monitoring attendance and responding to attendance issues. Parents are kept informed of any concerns regarding children’s attendance as soon as possible and regular meetings are held to support parents, as well as formal procedures such as penalty notices, fines and close liaison with the Schools Liaison Officer. Positive reinforcement of the attendance message is also in place with classes being rewarded for good attendance through non-school uniform days, sessions on the school bouncy castle and an end of year trip to Pizza Express.

Children are also assigned certain tasks and responsibilities within the school to encourage a sense of belonging and taking ownership for their own areas. The Junior Leadership Team has a key role to play in gathering children’s viewpoints and sharing this pupil voice with school leadership. The worship team play a large part in our morning assemblies, buddies look out for children who struggle to join friendship groups at breaks and playtimes, and table monitors take an active role during lunchtimes.

Children are aware of the school’s expectations on them to be at school every day, to behave in an appropriate manner whilst they are here and to take a sense of pride and ownership in their school. They consistently adopt positive and healthy attitudes towards these areas and there is keen competition to be given one of the responsible roles within the school.