At St Johns, children develop a love of music from Nursery through to year 6. The children get the opportunity to participate and engage in a range of music activities and learn many new skills, from singing songs and playing instruments to creating music and studying musicians in history. We also enjoy listening to a variety of music genres and famous composers as we walk through the corridors!

Year 1 and 2 learn, play and perform melodies on the glockenspiel. Year 3 and 4 play melodies on the recorder, while Year 5 and 6 enjoy learning the ukulele. Our specialist music teacher in KS2, helps us to sing and play the ukulele with increasing confidence and control.

We have a KS2 choir which rehearses every Wednesday lunchtime. The choir learn new songs each term and perform them in school and around the local community. We have performed in Sainsbury's, at our local Care Homes and at The Marlowe Theatre.

We enjoy learning new songs (with Makaton) every Tuesday in singing assembly and particularly enjoy performing to parents, carers and visitors in assemblies and at special events throughout the year.