We love Maths at St John’s!

In lessons we use a wide range of resources and manipulatives to ensure pupils have a secure understanding of number and calculation. Children are encouraged to use concrete, practical manipulatives alongside models to support their conceptual understanding, as well as pictures and images such as number lines and the bar model to support mental imagery before moving on to more abstract approaches.

It is our aim that pupils at St John’s will be able to demonstrate three types of mathematical understanding throughout their time at St John’s:

1) Factual: I know that

2) Procedural: I know how

3) Conceptual: I know why

We place an importance on learning the multiplication and division facts to 12 x 12 which is encouraged through the use of Times Table Rockstars in Years 2 – 6. We also do Times Table Rockstars daily in class. This ensures children have both a strong understanding of times tables and are prepared for the Multiplication Tables Check in Year 4. Children in Years 1 – 3 and in Safari all have access to Numbots to help develop fluency in mental addition and subtraction. In Reception, children enjoy watching the Numberblocks programmes and using this as a basis for developing their understanding of the value of numbers.

At St. John’s, we ensure maths is exciting and engaging for all pupils. Look out for our regularly-changing Maths display in school with our Times Table Rockstars leader-board. You can also look out for our whole-school challenges and competitions!

We monitor the children's progress in Maths using our Tracking Statements for Maths. Please see our School Calculation Policy to see the progression for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for each year group:

St John's Maths Calculation Policy EYFS

St John's Maths Calculation Policy Yrs 1 -6

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The following set of links contain things that you or your child can print out and do at home. They lean heavily towards problem-solving and puzzles:

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