New launch 'Entertainment Programme' after Easter Holidays!

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Our lunchtimes have changed. Not only have they improved but they have made a huge impact on the children’s behaviour. They are filled with fun and a lot more enjoyable. At lunchtime, there are different stations with different equipment. The stations consist of: main area events (disco, karaoke, party games and performance), challenges, mats and skipping.

And we still have our original stations of astroturf, art studio, reflection area, library and choir.

Mr Cullen runs the main area events and he said, ‘I like it because it is something different to what we usually do’, and Chelsea from year 6 said that she was finding it better as she was not standing around anymore!

Miss Pellant had the idea to start doing the challenges and she said ‘ I wanted the school to develop team work when I created the challenges.’ Mr Sargeant changes the challenges to make sure that children have to keep trying hard and Kaylen from year 5 said ‘I like the challenges because they need team work.’

Children using the mats reported that they were enjoying skipping and showing off their talents as well as sharing tips and techniques with each other.

Kadie from year 4 reported that she is having fun at choir, whilst children using the library said that they were happy to have such a wide range of books to choose from.

By Shanelle (6Z), Bianca (6M) and Nikita(5B)