Junior Leadership Team

Our new Junior Leadership Team (JLT) was launched in September 2017 and replaced our School Council.

Each class formally voted for their representatives and, in order to be voted in, each candidate had to made a speech outlining their priorities for their tie 'in office'.

The Junior Leadership Team takes an active role in the school in presenting children’s views and ideas to the School Leadership Team. The JLT meet weekly with Miss Warnock and or Miss Pellant to discuss issues within the school. The children in the school advise their representative of what is important to them and this is then presented to school leadership for consideration and possible inclusion in the school programme. The JLT help steer decisions and bring back minutes to discuss with their classes. Ideas from classes are then fed-back and they discuss the next items on the agenda. Once a term they meet with the whole Senior Leadership Team in order to share their priorities for the following term.

The JLT actively promotes all areas of pupils’ welfare. Through the pupil voice that they get from their classes and from the pupil voice questionnaires pupils report that they feel safe. The children understand how to keep themselves and others safe in different situations and settings. They trust all leaders from junior to staff to take rapid and appropriate action to resolve any concerns they have:

Pupils are confident in the knowledge that all staff are available to help them and can be trusted. They know that staff have a duty to keep them safe at all times. This is re-inforced by posters around school reminding children that if they are concerned about anything they can speak to any member of staff.

School staff will listen to any child who brings a concern to them and deal with it in a speedy and appropriate manner, with the help of the Safeguarding Lead. Children are taught about keeping themselves safe online and also about the NSPCC PANTS guidelines (As shown in the assemblies that the Junior Safeguarding Awareness Team lead across the school.

Play therapy and counselling is available to any child who would benefit from this type of intervention.