Inclusion and Welfare Team

Inclusion and Welfare Team

At St John's we want to make sure that children are happy, secure and successful. Sometimes children or their families need extra help to make sure of this. There is a team of adults in school who organise and provide additional support for parents, carers and children.

Head of Inclusion and Welfare

Miss Pellant is the school's Head of Inclusion and Welfare. Miss Pellant works closely with our SENDCo Miss Minnett and your child’s teachers to track your child’s progress in school and organise extra support if your child is falling behind. This support may be provided by adults in school or specialists from outside of school such as Speech and Language Therapists, The Specialist Teaching Service, School Nurses, Paediatricians and Eucational Psychologists. If you think your child may need additional support or you are worried about your child’s progress please talk to the class teacher or make an appointment with the office to see Miss Pellant.

Miss Pellant also monitors the children’s attendance at school and meets regularly with the Attendance Assistant and the School Liaison Officer from Kent County Council to discuss any concerns.

As part of her role, Miss Pellant ensures that the children in and out of class who are having difficulties with behaviour, learning or emotional needs get the right support.


Miss Minnett: SENDCo

Miss Minnett is our SENDCo and Child In Care Coordinator, ensuring that care plans across the school and case studies for key children are written and kept updated. In her SENDCo role she is responsible for coaching teachers in key strategies to enable progress and success for our SEND children. She assists the class teachers in their provision maps, ensures the SEND provision in classes is of a high quality, writes EHC Plans, and screens and assesses SEND children. Miss Minnett liaises regularly with Miss Pellant and passes on information for any referrals that need completing.

Miss Minnett can be contacted via the the school office.

Mrs Buckett: Mrs Buckett - EAL specialist
Mrs Buckett supports EAL children in personalising their learning either by 1-1 or in small group support. She supports the children to become independent, co-operative and collaborative learners, giving them key strategies to use in class to help them succeed with their learning in a school.


Mrs Pellant and Mrs Hussain: Family Liaison Officers
Veronica and Tamanna provide lots of support for families and children and can help you to access local services such as children centres, Early Help, parenting courses and a listening ear. Our FLOs also organises fundraising activities for the school. Veronica/Tamanna and/or other members of staff will always be at the school gate at the beginning and end of the day, so please talk to them if you want to talk about your child. Veronica is also our school counsellor and can see up to four children a week. If you feel your child could benefit from seeing Veronica please make an appointment with her to discuss your concerns. Alternatively make an appointment with Miss Pellant.

Further information on the work of our FLOs can be found here.