Family Liaison Officer

Veronica - Family Liaison Officer (FLO)

My main role is to provide support to our children and families who may be facing difficulties, arranging support from myself or our team, or universal and KCC commissioned services. I can either make a direct referral, or I can make a notification request for Early Help Practitioners or School Health, who will work directly with families, with the school ensuring that appropriate support is given. This can be for a large range of challenges frequently faced by all families, such as managing behaviour, financial and housing support, and emotional difficulties (i.e. bereavement or separation.)

As part of the learners and family team, I work closely with both the SEN staff and with our Attendance Officer to enable families to overcome any difficulties which are impacting on their attendance and subsequently being able to achieve their full potential at school.

I am based in The Family Support Room on the main playground and am in school Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays 8-4pm. Other days please leave a message with your name and number for me at the office and I will contact you as soon as I can.

Sometimes a chat and a listening ear are all that you need: I hope that I can provide that for our families.