Attendance at St John's

Pupils value their education and rarely miss a day at school.

We are rapidly improving children who are disadvantaged by low attendance. The attendance of pupils who have previously had exceptionally high rates of absence is rising quickly towards the national average.

Good attendance is of vital importance to the school. Our school attendance figures are improving and we work hard to constantly raise our attendance levels. Our attendance team is very thorough when it comes to monitoring and managing attendance and try to deal with all attendance matters as soon as they become a concern. This includes meeting with parents and involvement with the Schools Liaison Officer as well as penalty notice procedures.

We have a competitive element to attendance with classes receiving awards for the best attendance of the week and for achieving 100% attendance in a week. Any class that achieves attendance for the week above our school expected level of 96.86% is rewarded with a non-uniform day and a class that achieves 100% attendance in a week is rewarded with a session on the school’s bouncy castle.

At the end of the school year any child who has achieved 100% attendance for that year is rewarded with a trip to Pizza Express. Children are very aware of the rewards on offer and will encourage each other to be at school on time, every day in order for their class to receive the attendance prize.

Our level of Persistent Absentees has dropped significantly, as has the number of families taking children out of school for holidays and keeping children off school for sporadic days of absence.

We update parents regularly as to our attendance levels and our expectations. We send out termly attendance newsletters, celebrate good attendance through our school newsletter and our website as well as working very closely with the Local Authority and enforcement team to encourage and ensure the best attendance possible in all children.