We Keep Our Body and Mind Fit and Healthy!

Pupils can explain accurately and confidently how to keep themselves healthy. They make informed choices about healthy eating, fitness and their emotional and mental wellbeing. They have an age appropriate understanding of healthy relationships and are confident in staying safe from abuse and exploitation:

Children are made aware of the importance of healthy living, both through food and physical fitness. Healthy eating is encouraged and children are advised on what should be in their packed lunches. There is a member of staff who is a Food Champion. We are aiming for Healthy Eating School status.

Children are taught about healthy lifestyles and relationships in their PSHE lessons and are taught how to keep themselves safe online during ICT lessons, as well as knowing that any concerns they have regarding personal safety can be brought to a member of staff.

We also have some very exciting sessions for our Year 6's starting straight after our Easter Break 2018 Sessions are 30-minute group sessions where we will look at;

Relaxation techniques Understanding tension and stress Promoting a stress-free brain Creative thinking
Emotional Freedom techniques to reduce stress, overcome fear, anxiety, and aid relaxation.

The aim of the sessions is to relax the children, reduce any stress and anxiety about SATS and transition to secondary school, develop greater self-esteem and self-awareness, build confidence, and encourage free flowing positive energy through the energy body.

PREMIER SPORTS We have several sports coaches from Premier Sports working in the school who conduct PE lessons with the children as well as instructing them in healthy lifestyles. There are also after school sports activities and holiday sports camps.

Premier Sport's core purpose is to deliver exceptional opportunities for the pupils at our school to make the very most of their lives. Helping the children become the best versions of themselves through innovative, life changing programmes and initiatives.

The chances Premier wont be able to help a child become the best footballer on the planet, but they do 'activate' a desire to get fitter and healthier whilst increasing self belief and looking forward to the future with added confidence.

Premier offer a wide range of sports as a vehicle for learning across both curricular and extracurricular sessions.

Here is a selection of some of the activities that the children experience