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Leadership team

Headteacher: Miss Warnock Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Taylor
Assistant Headteacher
Assistant Headteacher: Ms Ogle
Head of Welfare & Inclusion: Miss Pellant
Assistant Headteacher

Middle Leaders

Mr Gold Miss Reynolds Mrs Gillett Mrs Hodge Miss Minnett

High Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs Bean Mr Vass Miss Baker Mrs Wallace
Honeybees Teaching Assistant
Giraffes Teaching Assistant
Zebras Teaching Assistant
Pupil Premium High Level Intervention

Specialist Teaching Assistants

Mrs Buckett
Specialist Teaching Assistants

Non-Educational Support Staff

Family Liaison Officer: Mrs Pellant Site Manager: Mr Wilce Office Manager: Mrs Brown
Site Manager
Office Manager
Headteachers PA: Mrs Johnson Office & Librarian: Mrs Garrett Caretaker: Mr Cook
Headteachers PA