Saturday Smarties Club

Saturday Smarties is an amazing science programme for keen scientists in Years 5 and 6. It is hosted by King’s School, Canterbury, who open up their incredible laboratories to a range of local primary schools.
Dressed in lab coats and safety goggles, the children work collaboratively to explore and question the wonders of science. They use teamwork and scientific skills such as strong observations, precise measuring and careful conduct when completing the activities – particularly those with the Bunsen burners! The programme involves 3 workshops spread over the year and covers physics, chemistry and biology! The sessions are: 1. Rainbows, Eyeballs and Fireworks - Light 2. Solving Crimes – Forensics 3. Climate Change: Who’s to Blame? – Environment All of the workshops are full of practical, hands on experiments that investigate our phenomenal world and really encourage children to question what they know.