Safeguarding Statement

Under Section 11 of the Children’s Act 2004 the school has a responsibility to safeguard and promote its young peoples’ welfare. This responsibility complements Section 175 of the Education Act 2002.

What does the school do to make this happen?

In order to meet this responsibility the school will, through its actions, policy and practice:

  • Have a LeadershipTeam who are committed to the importance of safeguarding and promoting young peoples’ welfare.

  • Have a whole staff team who are made aware of how young people will be protected and safeguarded within the school and are fully aware of how to report any concerns over their protection, safeguarding and welfare.

  • Have a clear statement of responsibility in relation to safeguarding as laid out in our Child Protection Policy, Health & Safety Policy, Recruitment Policy and Induction Policy.

  • Provide opportunities for young people to express their views and feelings which is supported through the school’s use of Talk Time, Therapists, the Complaints procedure, The School Council, as well as accessibility of all staff including, senior managers, and Child Line information and guidance that is readily available throughout the school.

  • Provide training to staff in relation to safeguarding and protection of young people.

  • Have recruitment procedures that support the safeguarding of young people, as laid out in the school’s Recruitment policy and DBS Clearance procedure and national guidance.

  • Work effectively with other Agencies and Parents/Carers who are directly concerned with the safeguarding and welfare of the young person, as set out in the Child Protection Policy, Medical Policy and the Data Protection/Freedom of Information policy.