Parent Support

Veronica - Family Liaison Officer (FLO).


My main role is to enable our children and families who may be facing difficulties to give them support from myself or our Team or Universal and KCC commissioned services. This is done with me either through direct referral, or by using a Notification request for Early help Practitioners. They will work directly with families and the school to ensure appropriate support is given. This can be for a large range of challenges frequently faced by all families, such as managing behaviour, financial and housing support, and emotional difficulties (i.e. bereavement or separation.)

As part of the learners and Family Team, I work closely with both the SEN staff and with our Attendance Officer to enable families to overcome any difficulties which are impacting on their attendance, and subsequently being able to achieve their full potential at school.

I am based in The Family Support Room on the main playground and am in school Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays- 8-4pm. Other days please leave a message, name and number for me at the office and I will contact you, as soon as I can.

Sometimes a chat and a listening ear is all that you need, I hope that I can provide that for our families.

Friends Of St John’s Group

As we begin the new school year, we would like to inform you that every parent/carer will now automatically be a member of The Friends of St John’s. If you would like to help out at any of the events, you would be very welcome. Please don't feel that once you sign up for one event you are expected to help out at every event! We are raising funds at present for a new play area for the junior playground, we have raised just over £8,000 so far.

Events coming up are our Fireworks Display and Christmas Fair. We need support in many ways, helping with a stall, setting up or tidying up, selling tickets, getting raffle prizes, putting up posters, wrapping presents, the tasks are endless. If you feel you can help leave a name/number at the office for Mrs Pellant to contact you.

Parent Representatives

Watch this space! This year we are starting a new scheme of having a parent representative for each class. We want parents to feel part of the St John’s community and we see the parent reps as being a good channel of communication between school and other parents as well as being a group of people that we can call on to help out with school trips and events. We would like to thank those parents who have already volunteered to be part of this group and ask other parents who feel that they would like to be involved and offer their time and help to us to please speak to their child’s class teacher.